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Handyman Services

Our employees are very diverse and well trained in a number of trades outside of just electrical contracting. Homeowners often want to update several aspects of their home, but they are usually too busy with their own workloads and family obligations to have time to address the various things they would like to have done in their home and the surrounding area. Combine that with a lack of tools to properly perform these tasks and the result is a long list of “honey dos” that will most likely never get done. The initial answer to the problem seems to be contacting several different contractors or handyman crews and then try to logistically line them up to get the various tasks done. This can cause a second set of issues around time and budget management. It can be difficult to line up multiple contractors to come into your home to give an estimate on the work, then set up the time to get the work done. In addition, some of the work overlaps between contractors or handyman services and that only adds to the delay in getting your projects completed.

The Ultimate Solution

The solution can be as easy as contacting Jeterbuilt Construction and giving our handyman crew your full to-do list that you would like to see completed. We can give you one itemized bid for all the work and address it on the day and time that work best for you and your family. Our licensed contractors have years of experiencing working with all kinds of aspects and projects inside and outside your home.

remodeled bathroom

Bathroom Updating

Replacing the lighting fixtures and switches in a bathroom is a very cost effective way to update the visual look and feel of your bathroom. Adding GFCI outlets in the bathroom is a must for safety. Often when installing new lighting in a bathroom, that is a great time to adjust the mirrors and other wall mounted items, which our contractors can do easily, reducing the time it takes to freshen up the look and feel of your bathroom. Replacing faucets to match new lighting fixtures and caulking around the sink and bathtub add to the overall updated look of your bathroom and can be done on one visit. These few “small” changes can greatly enhance the appearance of your bathrooms for just a few dollars.

remodeled wood deck

Decks and Patios

Few things are better than enjoying friends and family on an outside deck or patio while barbecuing in the Spring and Fall months in Redding. The Redding heat can take its toll on everything and that includes decks and patios. If you are lucky enough to have an Alumawood covering your deck then you will most likely get more enjoyment from your deck or patio. If you do not have an Alumawood covering, you can still enjoy your deck and patio by ensuring that all railing and walkways are properly secured and safe for all of your family members, no matter how old or young. Replacing or installing safety railing and stairs, adding protective siding for small children and/or pets and fixing any damaged boards or planks on your outside areas is right up our alley. Adding outside electrical outlets, switches, cooling fans and more is a great way to increase the enjoyment factor of your backyard and get more life out of outside living!

remodeled backyard patio with bbq

Any Project

Regardless of the project or need, our certified contractors are here to help you. They enjoy the smaller jobs as much as the larger ones and take great pride in being able to help people achieve their home goals. Give Jeterbuilt a call and we can come to your house and give you a free estimate today!

handyman garage with cabinets

Garage Projects

We are often called to help customers reclaim their garage and ensure that everything in the garage is setup and functioning properly. From ensuring the water heater is strapped and connected properly or replacing the water heater completely, to properly installing 220V electricity for appliances in the garage. Often ventilation in a garage can be the culprit for lack of use. The air can be muggy or filled with toxic chemicals like bleach, fuel or other solvents that most of us keep in our garage. Properly installing a strong ventilation fan in the garage and connecting it to a wall mounted switch can very quickly improve the quality of air in the garage and thus increase the time you use it. If an intake vent needs to be installed to ensure maximum airflow, our licensed contractors can do that too. Installing a swamp cooler, whether on the roof or a window mounted unit, in your home or just for your garage is a very cost effective way to beat the heat for pennies on the dollar when compared to conventional air conditioning units.

new interior bedroom doors

Doors and Hallways

Interior doors are usually hollow and can be easily damaged. Replacing the interior doors or re-mounting them by fixing their hinges or completely replacing the hinges can be a tough task for the average homeowner, but is an easy job for our contractors. Swapping out door knobs and hinges can be done at the same time we are installing or replacing hallway lighting. Flickering lighting in a hallway or bedroom can be annoying to adults and downright scary to kids. This can be caused by a number of electrical issues, some of which are big safety hazards. Replacing the lights and updating the wiring and switches usually fixes this problem and makes it easier for everyone to sleep at night.

handyman repairing drywall

Drywall Patching

Anyone who has kids knows they like to run around and every now and then they bump into a hallway or bedroom wall. Sheetrock is not known for its durability and it is very easy to knock a hole into a wall. Often times, shelves that have been installed improperly or are bearing more weight than they can handle will pull at the drywall or plaster and create holes in your wall. Our handyman crew can easily patch holes in the drywall and match the surrounding paint to completely repair the hole, as well as ensure the shelves are properly installed to prevent this from happening again.

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