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Alumawood Patio Covers

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Patio Covers

The patio has become a favorite place for families to spend time together, have cookouts with friends and neighbors or a place to go for some quiet relaxation. Thus, it can be frustrating when the noonday sun beats down, or the weather does not cooperate with your weekend plans. To avoid the inconvenience and the disappointment of interrupted good times, consider taking advantage of the experience and professionalism of Jeterbuilt Construction, and let us install an Alumawood (by Amerimax) or Duralum patio cover over your outdoor living spaces in Redding, CA.

Depending on geographic orientation of the home, patio covers are designed to provide shelter from direct sunlight, rain or even snow, allowing you to still enjoy the outdoors. This protection from the elements prolongs the lifespan of patio furniture and the condition of deck wood. In addition to preserving outdoor furniture and the exterior of the home, Alumawood and Duralum patio covers in Redding protect the people sheltered beneath from damaging UV rays. This means, no matter how strong the sun is shining or the time of day, you and your friends can still enjoy the beautiful outdoors without worrying about sunburn or other risk factors associated with full exposure to the sun’s rays.

alumawood patio cover

Aside from their functional purpose, patio covers also provide an attractive addition to your home and increase your property value. The professional Redding contractors at Jeterbuilt Construction know the great potential patio covers have to offer a home, and we possess the necessary skills required to see a project from its exciting start through to its successful and satisfactory finish. We perform quality work and deliver value, which is why we rely on only the most durable, economical construction for patio cover installation. We recommend and provide Duralum Products and Alumawood by Amerimax for patio cover construction in Redding.

Alumawood and Duralum are both used in aesthetically pleasing, quality constructed
patio covers. Patio covers range in style, color, texture and finish, making it possible to match any household exterior or personal preference. In addition to being attractive and functional, the patio covers are affordable.

With qualified professionals taking care of installation, your outdoor living space will reflect your individual tastes with a level of durability that will stand up to all types of weather. Even better, Alumawood and Duralum patio covers require minimal maintenance and upkeep from the homeowner. Once we have skillfully installed your new patio cover, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of your new addition.

With the appearance of wood, but the durability and low maintenance qualities of aluminum, Alumawood and Duralum patio covers permit you to enjoy year round outdoor festivities, rain or shine. As with any Redding home remodeling project, the skill of experienced, qualified professionals will make the difference between a temporary fix and a permanent solution. The professionals at Jeterbuilt Construction have your patio covered.


Why Alumawood?

Why go with Alumawood instead of a wood or vinyl patio? There are many advantages to using Alumawood over wood and vinyl for your patio cover. Wood deteriorates over time, no matter how you care for it. You can treat wood every year but over time the weather, elements and age cause the wood to break down. If you go with vinyl, it is not nearly as tough as wood. Vinyl will also sag and lose its original polish or luster and need to be replaced much sooner than wood. Rather than worry about the wear and tear of wood or vinyl, build your patio cover out of Alumawood! Even though Alumawood is made of aluminum, it has the warmth of wood and the low maintenance of vinyl. Patio covers made out of aluminum will not rust, therefore they will out last both wood and vinyl by a substantial amount of time. The Alumawood patio cover requires so little maintenance that you will save money in the long run, making it a cost effective solution.

Alumawood has the appearance of wood because of its wood grain textured finish. The teflon inside the paint helps to withstand rain, wind, sun and extreme temperatures. There is virtually no maintenance with Alumawood, as opposed to the upkeep required for wood and vinyl patios. Your Alumawood patio won’t crack, peel, warp, rot, or attract termites. One of the great benefits of Alumawood is that it is environmentally friendly. How can the Alumawood be environmentally friendly?

The Alumawood patio sets are made with recycled aluminum. Another great thing about the Alumawood patio sets are that they come in two different styles depending on your personal style. If you prefer a more open look then you would want to go with the Laguna lattice patio cover. The Laguna lattice cover allows some sun and the breeze to enter your patio. If you prefer to have complete cover from the elements, then the Newport patio cover is the best solution for you. The Newport patio cover keeps you, your family and patio furniture safe from the sun, rain or snow.

There is no need to repaint your Alumawood patio cover. While you can, it is not recommended by the manufacturer. The manufacturer of Alumawood patio covers, Amerimax, offers a lifetime guarantee on their great products. If you choose to repaint your Alumawood patio cover, it will void the warranty.

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